Track Your Strategy on a Single Platform

Annual Sales

Number of Projects

Sales figures will likely be at the top of your custom dashboard. Look at the raw data in any way that fits your business model and strategy. Evaluate numbers company-wide, by region, by salesperson, or by client. The dashboard is nimble and allows you to pull sales records for comparison and analysis from any time period and break them down to give you the perfect metrics for any decision-making scenario.


Sales by Rep and Sales by City

Not only can you drill down into the detailed factors behind every number, but you can take a step back and look at regions or entire sales teams at once.



Company Revenue by Industry

Pie Chart of Revenue by Industry

Sales Rep Revenue by Industry

Pie Chart of Revenue by Industry

Dig deep into the numbers and get a better understanding of what’s driving your bottom line. Create filters that can provide high-level views or pivot to look at an individual breakdown in a single click.


Sales Forecast

Sales forecasting isn’t just guessing or hoping. Deliberate, metrics-based forecasting is a critical portion of a sales strategy that points out opportunities and paves the way for increased sales. Sophisticated tools take into account a myriad of factors including past performance, prospect analysis, market conditions, client feedback, and lead breakdowns to give you goals and benchmarks to maximize your actual sales results.


Projects by Location

Collecting usable data is only half the battle. You actually have to use the information to improve your results. The key to utilization lies in recognizing trends and acting on the numbers to stay a step ahead of the game. Visualizing figures in digestible blocks helps to break it all down. EF Enterprise Dashboard allows you to lay it all out in infinite ways providing you the most relevant data in any particular scenario to give a clear illustration of where things have been so you can anticipate where they are going. Potent tools can create easy to read comparisons and can even generate regression models, density maps, and data clusters to give clarity to otherwise unorganized numbers.


New Lead Activity

Lead generation is the fuel that drives any successful sales program. The EF Enterprise Dashboard allows you to evaluate where qualified leads are coming from so you know where to focus your energy and budget to keep the lead pipeline full.


Lead Sources


An annual or even quarterly visit with your financials doesn’t give the full picture. Staying on top of your numbers requires a program that updates in real-time.

The EF Enterprise dashboard will give you a comprehensive view of virtually any set of numbers you need at any given second.

Profit Analysis

Performance by Division


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