DIrect Every Aspect

Oversee Event Management on a Single Platform



Real-time business intelligence allows you to follow every metric within your event strategies.


Event Suite Dashboard



Media Suite lead capture technology generates leads from the showroom floor
by monitoring content downloads and clickthroughs.


Capture Leads


Media Suite lets you know what items were viewed, clicked, and selected to better qualify leads.


Qualify Leads


EF Event Suite aggregates and quantifies responses, making it easier
for your sales team to turn warm prospects into customers.


Aggregate your lead data


Graph, view, and analyze lead data by event, value, type, and
rating to quantify your efforts and drive your ROI.


Analyze lead data



Assign booth staff based on the dynamic event schedule with the flexibility to accommodate for individual roles and needs. Generate staff reports and distribute personalized itineraries at the click of a button. Send and receive staff confirmations with customized profiles to keep your resource planning organized and ensure all your events are covered.


Staffing - assign booth staff



Manage travel logistics from one simple platform.


Housing - manage travel logistics


Track hotel and rental car details for staff members.
The system is loaded with tools to help simplify the process.


Track hotel and rental car details


Integrate with third party systems

Integrate with third party systems, link maps, and directions, and stay on top of reservations with a confirmation indicator function.



Manage a seamless workflow process through EF Event Suite’s task functionality.
Delegate tasks at the click of a button and oversee them through completion.


Task Management


Users can quickly update or complete tasks in a single click. Time-stamped assignments, due dates, automated status reports, and scheduled reminders push projects towards completion while creating accountability. The system is integrated to track hours and attach project files for added efficiency.

Track time

Update Tasks



Physical resource management drives pre-show execution. Have your inventory and freight details on your dash at all times. Manage orders, shipping, vendors, crates, and supplies from a single platform that updates in real-time. A robust fulfillment system automates re-order requests and tracks product levels based on up-to-the-second shipping data.


Manage shipping inventory



Create and follow a comprehensive game plan to achieve your team’s objectives in EF Event Suite's one-of-a-kind strategy interface. The tool allows you to detail each project stage by assigning resources, priorities, and measurable results while closely following their execution. Break out complex projects into a series of tangible targets to increase organization, clarity of purpose, communication, and accountability. A custom scoring method allocates weights and ratings to each phase to produce greater efficiencies in resource allocation.


Strategy - keep track of objectives for each event



Reports are automated as they integrate data inputs in real-time. Effortlessly generate custom reports based on expenses, budgets, task completions, staffing, or an entire event overview.


Task Reports


Expense Reports


Reports can be delivered in PDF, HTML or EXCEL formats to view easily or share.

Download Reports

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